Slow. Steady. Strong.

About Pace

Our name is a play on the actual “Pace” of the workout. The slow and steady movement of your slow twitch muscle fibers under variable tension helps strengthen every muscle in your body so you can feel like your best self. Our goal is to train you so that you can move through daily life feeling stronger and supported. The Megaformer is the most effective and intense low impact workout on the market. The SLOWER you go the STRONGER you actually become.

Our trainers are certified in the Lagree Method and highly educated on proper body mechanics to prevent injury and provide an efficient workout. We pride ourselves in being a place you can trust to get a safe and effective workout no matter what your limitations. Every Pace instructor is ready to help beginners feel confident in their form and advanced students take it to the next level.

A Note from Cara

Pace is my professional dream come true! After years of managing, teaching, and training in the Atlanta fitness community I finally have had the chance to own my own studio. I chose to open a Lagree Fitness studio because I am passionate about training for LIFE. Pilates was one of my first certifications in the fitness industry after having had two of my children and wanting to know how to regain core strength for the long haul. I am a firm believer in form, safety, and an intense workout and found a way to bring them all together at Pace! My hope is that clients will trust us to provide a great workout, friendly atmosphere, and a place to come to meet their goals for being strong for everything else they do in their busy lives.

Thanks for the support!

Cara Weaver

Meet the Team

Cara WeaverOwner/Instructor Originally from Cordele, GA, Cara moved to Atlanta over 20 years ago where she attended college then quickly transitioned into the fitness industry for the next 12 years teaching Pilates, Barre, Cycling, TRX, Bootcamp, and now Lagree. She is a wife and mother of 4 residing in the local Pace community often found at Peros, Houstons, or a carpool line nearby! Catch her Instagram stories for some laughs as she catches her kids doing crazy things daily or find her in a Pace class beside you for some mama time.@carafweaver
Katherine ShortManager/InstructorAn Atlanta native, Katherine is passionate about fitness and the body. She jumped from corporate marketing to fitness full time and found her love of fitness turn into a career at Pace! She is always there teaching or taking classes and ready to help anyone learn to love the megaformer as much as she does. Katherine loves how Pace makes her feel stronger when she is running errands or walking her frenchies outside of the studio!
Carly CurtInstructorAfter spending time working in the fashion and retail PR world, Carly made the transition to teach fitness. While teaching both barre and yoga in the Atlanta area, Carly attended Pace regularly as a student. After connecting with the body mechanics and functional movement used throughout each Pace class, Carly decided that teaching Lagree would be the perfect fit for her! Carly now teaches at Pace in addition to yoga and consistently focuses on form to transition movements from a workout class to daily life applications.
Rachael NunnInstructorRachael recently made the transition from working as an Internal Audit Consultant at an accounting firm to the world of wellness full time. She earned her NASM CPT and nutrition certifications in college and has been passionate about exploring the world of health and wellness ever since! Rachael loves the emphasis on the mind-body connection at Pace and how it challenges you both mentally and physically, leaving you feeling stronger, accomplished and motivated to return to a Pace class!
Jen DavisInstructorJen is an amazing athlete who has completed over 16 marathons – including multiple Boston’s! She immediately saw the benefit of adding in Lagree to weekly workouts and how time spent strengthening her body on the Megaformer allowed her to feel supported and stronger in her runs. She is also NASM CPT and nutrition certified and loves to put her knowledge of fitness into action every day at Pace. Jen loves the Pace studio vibes and is passionate about creating a safe space to get stronger!
Catherine CoferInstructorCatherine spends the day supporting her team at Chick-fil-A and her time outside of it supporting her clients at Pace! She is passionate about fitness, form and the attention to detail we have at Pace. Catherine loves to help clients work through each movement, ensuring proper setup and execution, to reduce injury and improve strength. Catherine loves to scuba dive and skydive with her family, so you know that her idea of fun is going to be a tough Pace class!