The Classes

Pace classes are open to all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced with hands on corrections and attention to correct form in every class by our highly trained instructors. If you need more instruction we offer private sessions and our doors are open daily for everyone looking to find out more about the machine before booking a class!

Pace 55Pace 55 is our signature class. This fifty five minute class consists of total body strengthening in an inspiring, small-group setting.See the schedule

PaceCOREPaceCORE is our version of “Arms & Abs” class with more focus on the upper body, central core, and obliques. We designed this class to give clients the opportunity to increase core strength by dedicating more time to core and arms, with less focus on the legs. See the schedule

Pace 101This class is designed specifically for beginners and can also be great for clients to get a refresher on form or work through an injury. This class is made up of all of the basic moves you will see in every Pace class on the schedule with more focus on correct execution and slowing down. You will learn the names of moves we call out in class and feel like you can jump into most any class with a PACE 101 under your belt. See the schedule

Pace PrivatesPrivate sessions are available for either 55 minutes or 35 minutes and can be either semi-private or private. For trainer availability and scheduling, email We also offer private group classes and small group training by request. All sessions can be customized, including bridal parties, charity events, and special events.

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